Official Representor of Kenton
in Turkmenistan

Cream Shanti

Kenton Plain Whipped Cream is ideal for cakes, ice cream, desserts, fruit salads and on hot beverages with its intensive consistence, cracking-resistant formula!

Powered Sugar

It is used in preparation of all kinds of cake, cream-cake, cookie and milk puddings; flavoring of fruit salad, cupcakes, pastries. Its lockable package makes it possible to open and close it again and again.

Vegetal Jellies

Completely vegetable content Kenton Orange Flavored Vegetable Jelly. It does not contain bovine gelatin.


Kenton Chocolate Love cocoa Pudding offers delicious moments with intense cocoa taste. An for those who want to brighten their lives with intense flavors such as real banana powder…


An extraordinary delicacy where Natural Red Currant and Strawberry powder integrate with Raspberry aroma! Kenton Happy Delights Fruit Sauce.


An excellent taste! Flavor that satisfies cocoa lovers! You can use it in pastries such as cake, cookie, cream cake and puddings or you can drink it with hot milk or water.

The "One" I trust in the Kitchen